Love is Who We’ve Come Here to Be 

2020 Fine Art Calendar

This collaborative art piece between photographic artist Trisha McWaters and songwriter and musical artist Kit Holmes is the result of the mutual admiration they have for each other’s work and way of being in the world. Both work from the realm of inner vision with the intention to inspire, enlighten and bring to light the glorious perfection of life’s imperfections.

Holmes chose each lyric excerpt as a singular thought or affirmation to contemplate. McWaters then selected and edited each image to compliment the emotion of the lyric. The resulting 13 pieces of fine photographic art were then carefully ordered to invite mindful interactions for every month and every season. Together, they’ve elevated the annual wall calendar to a piece of “visual music.”

“When thoughtful words, images, and intention come together, the result is magical—even mystical! What you hold in your hands is the result of the perfect collaboration between two beautifully talented women that I am proud to have as friends and spiritual sisters. The words will stir your mind, even as the images invite you to consider and consider again. Do not be deceived by their simplicity, for it is in the simplest things that the most profound messages are found.”  – Rev. Jill Carey

Kit Holmes
Creator of Musical Happiness

Whether you’re listening on your phone while walking to work or sipping your favorite drink at a performance space – Kit Holmes delivers a transformative musical experience. Always engaging, she’ll have your toes tapping and your ears dancing with her music & message. Check out a free sample and begin your musical journey with Kit.

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