All Things Being Equinox

Mother Nature sure seems fairly hell-bent on doing some house cleaning lately. Top-of-the-scale hurricanes, massive wildfires, earthquakes, historic flooding in some places, deadly drought in others. Most of the planet seems to be pretty off-kilter* at the moment.

My heart aches when I see the images of lives forever changed by the devastation. But it is also warmed when I hear stories about countless acts of courage, compassion and selfless service people are performing to help one another through these challenging times. The good and necessary services that official agencies, armies and designated aid workers bring is a tremendous help. But it’s the demonstration of the inherent good of people who, in the moment of most critical need set aside age, race, religious and political beliefs and social mores to help their neighbor. I truly believe that (most) people really just want to do good in the world. My faith that the Golden Rule is still alive and well in the world has gotten a real boost.

“Storms are nature’s way of restoring balance to the atmosphere.” – National Geographic photographer/storm-chaser Mitch Dobrowner. (Check out some of his exquisite images HERE).

I came across that quote while pondering the current state of Mother Nature’s “unrest”. And I’ve continued to ponder deeply the idea that everything is energy and it is always seeking a state of equilibrium.

So what do we do when it appears that nearly everything in our lives has changed in an instant? Most likely, we experience an emotional earthquake that, for better or worse, shakes us out of our complacency and reminds us of the tenuous, precious nature of Life. Our internal landscape is altered forever and we must find a way to find balance in the “new normal” or perish.

As a songwriter, I do my best to counter what sometimes appears to be a growing sink-hole of negativity spewing from an ever-growing number of media sources. As a life coach, my job is to help my clients trust that they alone possess the power to not only survive life’s shaky moments, but can thrive because of them. And because we generally teach what we ourselves need to learn I’m not too proud to say I’ve had my share of shaky moments recently.

That being said, I’m sharing some of what I carry in my well-traveled, mindset/spiritual toolbox. My hope is that these “tools” will help you through some of your own storms. Give ‘em a listen.

 “The Bridge” LINK

And if you need more support building your own toolbox, let’s have a conversation. Shoot me an email and we’ll set up a time to talk. I like to count myself among those who just want to do good in the world, in whatever way I can. ( will put you in touch).

Every moment is mighty. Please be good to one another.

Love, Kit

*Word/phrase origin isn’t exactly known, but suffice to say “kilter” (derivation of “kelter”) is defined as “good order” or “balance.”

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