Embracing The Chill…

This week, I’m in my home state of Michigan. My wife and I are readying our historic commercial building (if you don’t know about our adventure called The Music Vault, go to www.themusicvault.com to learn more) for tours and visitors during the 29th Annual Sleighbell Parade and Victorian Christmas Weekend in Mansitee, MI. (Click HERE for details).

Friends in our adopted home state of Texas are supportive, of course, but most express deep concern for our sanity when we say we’re choosing to head to much colder climes on purpose. But it’s all a matter of perspective. The festival weekend is a whole lotta fun and there usually about 10,000 other people who agree, regardless of the weather.

Having grown up in a place with four seasons, a body gets acclimated to the changes over time. This is also true of the way we humans think about things, what we come to believe, how we learn and occasionally ‘unlearn’ certain habits and beliefs when we know they don’t serve us well anymore. Consistent practice over time.

Consistently practicing the concept that we’re always at choice about how we view our experience is something I’ve willingly done for many years now. Though I haven’t mastered it yet, I do think I’ve gotten pretty good at letting go of the unrealistic expectations I used to place on other people and circumstances to “make me happy” during the holidays and, well, every other day of the year for that matter. As you may have heard, happiness (love, prosperity, success, et al) is an inside job.

Knowing that I can choose my perspective at any given moment is the key to remaining (mostly) at peace while the rest of the planet (or at least traffic around a big box store on Black Friday) appears to be in utter chaos.

So, whether you’re one who sighs, “Baby, it’s cold outside…” when the temps dip below 60°F or lets out an exuberant “Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!”, I invite you to take a moment (at least one – daily) during all the hubbub to breathe deeply and refresh yourself. Perhaps shift your perspective to one that says there’s always some good happening, no matter the present appearance. Expressing gratitude for everything in your day is a great way to start.

I’m grateful for you all, hubbub or not. Below are several opportunities for me to say “thanks” in person. Come by and get your musical chill-pill*.  (Calendar of Kit-happenings HERE)

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