Welcome Winter? ….Yes.

The sun rises on this cold, cloudless first official day of Winter in the Northern Hemisphere. The Ursid meteor shower accompanies December’s full moon – the Cold Moon – at its peak. I’m not studied in astrology or numerology but am pulled by the patterns and cycles of our natural world. I’ve always felt more connected to God/Spirit/The Universe giving myself over to pondering the night sky. Well… really, the sky in general. (I’m kind of a weather geek).

We humans have marked time by the sun and the moon and the seasons since the beginning of time. Animals and plants do this without judgment all the time. They just do what they need to do without complaint. They’re built to trust in the inherent Life within that supports the flow and pattern of everything in order to survive, thrive and evolve.

What would our lives look like if we’d put the same kind of faith in what I’ve come to understand is a perfect system? Even when things appear to go sideways and my very human feelings get poked and I find myself in judgment and/or fear I know now I have a choice as to how I respond. With a LOT of practice, I’m (most of the time) able to respond, rather than react. (Those closest to me might disagree, but they’re not calling the shots right now).

Just so you know, this awareness about having a choice didn’t just pop in one day and say, “Hey, you’re enlightened now…go forth in peace and never be disturbed again.” Nope. It took numerous leaps of faith AND letting go of the idea that I was somehow smarter than a power and intelligence that hung the stars and planets so magnificently (yeah, it’s been quite a process). It also took realizing that the most “difficult” people and situations I’ve encountered in my life have been my greatest teachers.

The sun is fully up and the “longest night” is now over. For this year, anyway. And thus, is the nature of all “dark nights.” And sunny days. They will always come and go. The moon will always wax and wane. Everything has a pattern, a season, a cycle.

It’s a perfect system.

And I’m grateful for it all.




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